Norwegian Forest Cat For Sale. Norwegian forest cats for sale are athletic, muscular cats with large bodies. These cats typically weigh between 12–16 pounds, according to The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) with males typically being larger than females and have a long, bushy tail and a full coat of fur that makes them appear even larger.

“Average domestic cats weigh 8–12 pounds; Norwegian forest cats are definitely bigger than that,” says Bruce Kornreich, DVM, PhD, director of the Cornell Feline Health Center. “They can weigh up to 18 or even 20 pounds in some cases.”

Norwegian Forest Cat For Sale
Norwegian Forest Cat For Sale, Norwegian Forest Cats For Sale, Norwegian Forest Kittens For Sale

Norwegian forest cats for sale love to climb. There are even Viking myths about these cats scaling sheer rock faces.

Their long coats are shiny and water-resistant, adapted for the harsh Norwegian winters. Wegies have a dense undercoat to help keep them warm, and this means they require regular brushing and upkeep. Their coats do shed—in fact, their winter undercoat will molt in the spring. 

The Norwegian forest cat coat comes in an array of colors and patterns. Coat colors include white, black, blue, red, cream, silver, and golden. This fluffy cat’s coat can also have solid, bicolor, tortoiseshell, calico, and tabby fur patterns. Their eyes are shades of green, gold, or copper—or a shade somewhere between all three.

Wegies are often compared in appearance to the Maine coon, but Norwegian forest cats for sale are slightly smaller with a more slender frame. Norwegian Forest Cat For Sale also have almond-shaped eyes, whereas the Maine coon has rounder eyes.


This breed is typically described as friendly, calm, and gentle. Norwegian forest cats for sale are adaptable to different families and lifestyles, and are generally good with children and other animals.

Norwegian Forest Cat

All that floof comes with a lot of responsibility! 

These cats are intelligent and alert, and they love human connection and affection. Though they crave attention, they’re undemanding and prefer to let you come to them. In keeping with their undemanding nature, Wegies are a quiet breed and don’t meow a lot like, say, a Siamese cat. .

The Norwegian forest cat personality is extremely family-oriented. They’re playful, sweet, and generally accepting of their surroundings. This outgoing breed wants to be friends with everybody and loves to cuddle. 

Living Needs

This breed is slow maturing, which means Norwegian forest cat kittens take about five years to grow into full adults. Because their maturation is longer than usual (in the cat world, anyway), owners will get to enjoy an extended kitten period of their pet’s life. This kittenish behavior will manifest in lots of play. They especially love pouncing and practicing their hunting skills—an outdoorsy trait this domesticated breed still holds on to.

Kornreich says it’s important to provide your Norwegian forest cat with an outlet for his strong hunting instincts.

He recommends “toys that mimic mice, and even just something as simple as a cat-approved feather toy and dedicating time every day, five to 10 minutes, to play with them,” he says. “This allows them to jump around and burn off energy, and kind of get their rocks off, so to speak, in terms of their hunting behavior. And it’s good exercise for them as well.”

Norwegian forest cats tend to be super friendly with children and other pets. Don’t let their size scare you away from taking them into a family full of kids—these cats are incredibly tolerant and well-mannered. This big breed isn’t easily stressed out and loves to hang out with humans of all ages. Thanks to their laid-back, undemanding nature, your Norwegian forest cat will also likely do well if left alone for short periods. Though, because he loves you so much, separation anxiety might creep in if you’re frequently gone for too long.

norwegian forest cat for sale
Norwegian Forest Cat For Sale

Wegies were built to thrive in harsh Norwegian winters. A little snow won’t bother them—but you need to make sure to keep them cool in summer.

Norwegian forest kittens are pretty social by nature and typically get along with all the members of a household. In fact—Wegies want to be friends with everybody, so you may need to keep extra tabs on them to make sure they don’t head off with an admirer.

Wegies are especially adept at climbing and love to explore high places. 

Care Of The Norwegian Forest Cat For Sale

Because of their long water-shedding coats and dense undercoats, Norwegian forest cats need a lot of brushing. Brush him at least two times a week, though you’ll need to brush even more during times of heavy shedding (typically in the spring and fall). 

Norwegian Forest Cats FOr Sale
Norwegian Forest Cats FOr Sale

Norwegian forest kittens for sale are social butterflies. They’ll happily greet new friends and family with a headbutt and purrs.


“Daily combing and brushing is essential if you do not wish to have a close, personal, and frequent relationship with your local groomer,” says Nicole Goudey-Rigger, owner and CEO of Pets a Go Go, a pet care provider and groomer in New York and Connecticut. “Often clients will choose to ‘lion cut’ a Norwegian forest cat, especially indoor cats who do not have access to very intense air-conditioning through the summer months.”

When it comes to exercise, make sure your Wegie has plenty of room to run and play.